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The evolution of the regulatory framework revolving around taxation has become very complex. This is due to the increase of cross-border business. Properly managing this tax complexity has become an imperative for organizations to ensure compliance with complex tax laws that vary by geographic locations.
Therefore, Spicer-Pegler offers you a wide range of fully integrated tax services. Our tax team combines expertise and innovation to help your company excel globally. In addition, Spicer-Pegler possesses in-depth knowledge of tax and legal requirements and a wide range of experience in their practical application. We also work with you to simplify your tax management while providing clear insight to help you make informed strategic decisions.

As financial accounting and income tax reporting becomes increasingly more complex, the tax team at Spicer-Pegler has also become more abreast of regulatory developments and guidance related to income tax accounting, disclosure and documentation. As our tax experts understand the complexities of taxation, they are able to provide the necessary technical expertise to help our clients file their tax declarations with ease.

Current analyzes also indicate that local and international companies will continue to spend more time and resources managing tax disputes in the domestic and foreign markets, this made Spicer-Pegler to have within its tax team specialized experts in the field of tax disputes who are able to assist our clients in all stages of tax litigation.

Regulatory Compliance


Are you aware of the new anti money laundering compliance and if it is applicable to your organisation?

All financial and designated non-financial businesses & professions (DNFBP) need to adhere to the AML compliance.


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