ANTI-MONEY Laundering & Combating The Financing Of Terrorism (AML/CFT)

Anti-money laundering compliance Dubai, Sharjah, UAE

Financial crimes are one of the biggest challenges facing companies today, as these crimes are characterized by a complex interdependence that cannot be defined by geography, industry or type of organization, which increases the pressure of financial control complexities of international companies in particular by virtue of the size and diversity of business operations of those companies.

Moreover, compliance with global Anti-Money-Laundering (AML) standards remains a major issue in the fight against financial crimes, and due to the increase in stringent international sanctions, companies of all sizes are placing great importance on implementing the necessary enforcement measures to comply with the laws of central banks around the world.

Whereas anti-money laundering standards and procedures are applied to financial institutions, in addition to non-financial institutions such as real- estate brokers & agents, dealers of precious metals and gemstones, financial auditors, legal consultants, in addition to service providers working in the areas of assisting companies in the administrative and financial legal aspects.

Spicer-Pegler understands that financial crimes will not be temporary incidents but rather an ongoing reputational risk. Our team helps you reduce your organization’s exposure to money laundering and terrorist financing as well as improve your ability to meet regulatory obligations with appropriate financial strategies and controls, including policies and procedures for dealing with your customers and with third parties.

Spicer-Peglar has also assisted in solving many money laundering, terrorist financing and other complex financial crime issues in the Middle East and Africa region as well as many geographical locations in Asia. Our network includes former banking experts, law enforcement officials and legal advisors specializing in financial crimes.

What Spicer-Pegler can do for you ?

  • Provides you with Spicer-Pegler Financial Crimes Team to act as Compliance Officers without the need to set up a specialized Anti-Money- Laundering department.
  • Manage the risks related to your business and financial activities to ensure your compliance with anti-financial crime standards.
  • Working with you as an ongoing link between your company and local financial regulators and relevant authorities.
  • Assess your company’s Anti-Money-Laundering (AML) risks.
  • Providing consultations related to the standards of Know Your Customers (KYC).
  • Providing consultations on financial technology (FinTech).
  • Training your human resources on practical methods used in combating financial crimes.
  • Designing, implementing and updating financial crime prevention programs.
Regulatory Compliance


Are you aware of the new anti money laundering compliance and if it is applicable to your organisation?

All financial and designated non-financial businesses & professions (DNFBP) need to adhere to the AML compliance.


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