As leading experts, we help build and enhance trust between businesses and the public, by responding to emerging issues and protecting the public interest. Where Spicer-Pegler works to provide safeguards to help companies become more resilient and ready for a better future.


With each project, Spicer-Pegler uses its experts to provide independent and valuable insight into your organization by suggesting improvements to your processes, controls, and key performance indicators (KPIs). Where Spicer- Pegler highlights risks and development opportunities, ensuring your organization is taking steady steps into the future.


The internal audit function achieves a broader set of expectations through innovative methods and advanced analytics that help internal audit departments provide assurance, advice on critical business and anticipate risks.

Today’s top executives and audit committees use internal audit as a method not only to assess quality, but to drive progress throughout the entire organization. Our experts at Spicer-Pegler serve our clients by offering innovative methods that help them evaluate the effectiveness of their operational functions and processes.

Spicer-Pegler works with companies large and small alike, where our experts are keen to design internal audit functions from conducting a comprehensive risk assessment across the organization, to communicating results to management and other stakeholders. Where our experts not only identifying problems, but also work on setting appropriate controls to make corporate managements able to face current and future challenges.

Regardless of the client’s business field or whether an internal audit department is already in place, Spicer-Pegler creates an appropriate framework that meets the financial and management needs of each individual company. Whereas, through our local resources backed by a global network of professional internal auditors located in more than 60 countries around the world, we are working to meet the needs of our clients in the following areas:

Quality assurance review

Process and internal controls advisory

Audit committee advisory

Data analytics

Continuous auditing and continuous monitoring


The external audit team at Spicer-Pegler holds the best accounting certificates issued from the United Kingdom (ACCA), the USA (CPA) and India (CA), which gives us the ability to provide insight into the way you work and which qualifies us to provide a full range of external audit services which ensures your compliance with corporate laws and other regulatory requirements and help your company to grow and prosper continuously during various economic challenges.

Now, what can Spicer-Pegler offer you in the field of external auditing ?

Evolving regulations, digital transformation, competition, and the need to boost confidence in capital markets all mean that the external audit landscape is being reshaped faster than ever before, where leading companies address these problems by investing directly in new technologies and business models to face economic challenges of different sizes.

Thus, we at Spicer-Pegler test your company’s documents in order to determine whether the records and reports issued by your company’s various departments are correct or not, as we work to present the information fairly according to the accounting standards approved in your company’s geographical location.

Moreover, Spicer-Pegler skillfully handle the most complex business issues through our global scope and integrated structure that allows us to provide a consistent level of quality external audit services worldwide, which gives you confidence in the information you provide to the board of directors and shareholders, which in turn they rely on in making their decisions.

Regulatory Compliance


Are you aware of the new anti money laundering compliance and if it is applicable to your organisation?

All financial and designated non-financial businesses & professions (DNFBP) need to adhere to the AML compliance.


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